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Mission Statement

Cultivating the empowerment of women globally who promote animal activism and welfare.

(Women united. Men invited.)


We strongly believe that the best way to make an impact on animal cruelty around the world is through education by creating awareness on the value of animals in our society and the benefits they provide to our culture and environment.

Our aim is to raise money to help our foreign partners set up education programs, build sanctuaries, provide low cost veterinary care, and anything else we deem necessary to enrich the lives of animals and to impact the communities in a positive way.

We also want to encourage and ensure that our future generation continues by awarding grants semi-annually to activists under the age of 16.


Who We Are

We are a group of women united in our beliefs about bettering animals’ lives around the world. Dr. Soto and Lindsay bring their expertise in veterinarian care to the organization, along with Valarie, Iris, and Kiana’s experience working in animal welfare for a combined 30+ years.

After meeting in 2016, the five of us formed a bond helping dogs from the Asian Dog Meat Trade and often discussed various ways we thought we could make a difference apart from what we were currently doing. So in 2018, we decided to start WUFAW and turn our ideas into a reality.

Making dogs our primary focus (for now), we will be supporting the local organizations that we already have relationships with in Cambodia, Vietnam and Puerto Rico.


What Sets Us Apart

WUFAW was founded by a group of women dedicated to direct-action, hands-on projects that improve the welfare of animals around the globe. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in this field.

Our goal is to help animals in ways that will have a long-lasting effect on an area or region. For example, we assist spay/neuter programs, help build sanctuaries and education centers, and work with local groups in poorer countries to accomplish our shared goals and vision.

None of our founders at WUFAW are paid employees, thus most donations are applied directly to carry out our missions.

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