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Who We Are

Mission Statement

WUFAW partners with organizations around the world to enhance the lives of stray animals and pets in impoverished communities.


We strongly believe that the best way to make an impact on animal cruelty around the world is through spaying and neutering. Which helps to create an understanding of the value animals have in our lives and the benefits they offer to our communities.

We raise money to help our foreign partners set up education programs, build sanctuaries, provide low cost veterinary care, and anything else we deem necessary to enrich the lives of animals and to impact the communities in a positive way.

We also want to encourage and ensure that our future generation continues by creating our Youth Activism Program (YAP). Where we offer a monetary award to children between the ages of 10-16 annually.


Who We Are

We are a group of individuals united in our beliefs on how best to help animals suffering around the world. Spaying and neutering is one of the most effective and easiest ways to curb the over-population of stray animals.

Currently, our primary focus is on dogs and cats, working with underfunded animal organizations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand and Puerto Rico to provide funding and support.

WUFAW may be a small group right now, but our passion and commitment is mighty. Each year we continue to grow and add new partners allowing us to save more and more animals.


What Sets Us Apart

We believe collaboration is the key to getting results when fighting for animal welfare and rights.

Our goal is to help animals in ways that will have a long-lasting effect in the mostly forgotten regions of the world. For example, we assist with spay/neuter programs, help build vet clinics, and work with local groups to accomplish our shared goals and vision.

We are dedicated to supporting organizations that are hands-on in improving the lives of stray animals and pets. WUFAW brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

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