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Who We Are

Mission Statement

WUFAW partners with organizations around the world to enhance the lives of stray animals and pets in impoverished communities.

Our Strategy

We strongly believe the best way to make a positive impact on animal welfare around the world is by addressing the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats through spaying and neutering. Which is why we focus our efforts on partnering with small organizations with the same objective, yet need help in accomplishing their goal.

Creating educational programs, offering low-cost veterinary care, and community outreach are the other vital elements we feel are necessary to enrich the lives of animals and people in a positive way.

Collaboration is Key

Our goal is to help animals in ways that will have a long-lasting effect in the mostly forgotten regions of the world, working with our partners to accomplish our shared goals and vision.

Currently, we are working with underfunded animal organizations in Cambodia, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand and Puerto Rico to provide funding and support. Each year we continue to grow and add new partners allowing us to save more and more animals.

What Else?

Our Emergency Relief Team is made up of highly qualified veterinarians and passionate volunteers. When disaster strikes, like the recent war in Ukraine, we jump into action. The team travels with necessary medical supplies and medications so that they can provide veterinary care to the animals in crisis.

We are inspired by young animal activists and to ensure that future generations continue to fight for the rights of animals we started our Youth Activism Program (YAP). Where we offer a monetary award to inspirational children between the ages of 10-16 annually.

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