Secretary, Co-Founder

Iris Almario

Iris brings a unique voice to WUFAW, as an actress from Queens, NY. Her fire and passion for acting is just as strong as her commitment to the animals. Being of Puerto Rican and Colombian decent and also a vegetarian, she is excited to educate people on the ability to evolve from cultural traditions to create new traditions that don’t involve the inhumane practice of Factory Farming. 

She got involved in dog rescue over five years ago, first as a volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society and then onto Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation where she became the Volunteer Coordinator and part of the Adoption team.

While at AHWF she traveled to their shelter in China and helped prepare the staff for the upcoming Yulin Dog Meat Festival in 2017. Her time there was more memorable because she met and fell in love with a special needs dog, Koko, and brought her back to the US to give her the proper care she needed.  Koko was diagnosed with advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis and is unable to walk. But Iris’ commitment to her treatment is what drove her to help create WUFAW.