Treasurer, Co-Founder

Kiana Kang

Kiana is a Korean-American who grew up in Maryland but finally felt at home when she moved to Southern California.  She spent 11 years in the entertainment industry and another 10 years in mortgage finance. But once those careers no longer satisfied her she found her way into animal welfare. She traveled the world volunteering at various foundations: most notably Harnas in Namibia, Save Elephant in Thailand, Tasikoki in Indonesia, and many others including the Marine Mammal Care Center here in Los Angeles.

After seeing posts about the Dog Meat Trade on social media, Kiana knew instantly that she wanted to help eradicate this terrible practice. She soon became the Interim Director of In Defense of Animals (IDA) for their Ditch Dog Meat Campaign. Bringing her personal perspective as a Korean American to the issues surrounding Korea’s dog meat industry.  Then, after volunteering with Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation for over 2 years, she was asked to become their Director of Programs and Special Projects, with a focus on coordinating the Gupo Market Revitalization Project and collaborated with USA Today on an investigative story about the dog meat trade during the 2018 Olympics.

Kiana is excited to be one of the founding members of WUFAW and looks forward to making a greater impact on the lives of animals locally and abroad.