Board Member

Silvia De Salles

Silvia De Salles immigrated to California from Brazil in 1997 to pursue an education in mathematics. She completed her undergraduate degree at USC and later attended UCLA graduate school, earning a master’s degree in Finance. She pursued a career in the banking industry, but later found her way into the entertainment industry, managing budgets for film marketing campaigns at 20th Century Fox (now Disney) for the last 14 years.

Growing up in Brazil, Silvia saw firsthand what it was like to give back from a young age. Her mother started (and still runs) an animal sanctuary, where she has rescued hundreds of animals and created a free spay/neuter program for low income families. Silvia was inspired by the work her mother did and helped her while she was growing up. After moving to the US, Silvia continued to volunteer with animal rescue and became heavily involved in activism. 

We are honored to have such a compassionate and energetic force on our board.