President, Co-Founder

Valarie Ianniello

Valarie has been passionate about animal rights since she was a young girl and finally turned that into a career, working in rescue for over the last 15 plus years. In 2016, she became the Executive Director of a relatively new 501c3, where she concentrated her energy on fighting the Dog Meat Trade throughout Asia.

Her ability to build and sustain relationships was integral to the growth and success of that foundation: strategizing with Congressman Hastings’ Chief of Staff, Lale Morrison, to introduce H.R. 1406 - Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, a bi-partisan Federal bill with over 240 co-sponsors, co-producing a star-studded PSA that is still being seen all over the world, successfully adopting out over 400 dogs to amazing families, and most importantly making strong connections to both Dr. Tina Chang and Dr. Natalia Soto, who were instrumental in the health and survival of so many of the dogs and cats Valarie was responsible for.

in 2018, Valarie decided to form WUFAW with the belief that working together and not against each other is the only way to truly affect change for the animals suffering around the world.