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Since the Pandemic started and borders closed back in early 2020, it has been challenging for our partner Slaughterhouse Survivors (SHS) to keep rescuing dogs in Harbin, China. Without a way to send dogs out of the country that meant their shelter remained at full capacity.  So, when cargo flights opened up again earlier this year, we all let out a collective sigh.

Unfortunately, on March 26, 2021, all cargo flights to the US were halted while our 2 rescues, Karen and Wendall, were literally at the airport about to fly to Los Angeles. This was all due to a US breeder importing 8-week-old unvaccinated puppies. Just another reason we don’t believe in purchasing a dog, but rather adopting one. So, for now everything is at a standstill and hundreds of dogs are stuck in China.







Currently, dogs can be shipped to Canada and a few other countries but at a much greater expense.  Also, anyone already in China flying to the US would then be allowed to bring a dog with them as baggage. Unfortunately, we haven’t found anyone willing to do that yet. 

We are hopeful that things will change soon. Wendall and Karen have families here waiting anxiously to meet them.

Wendall’s story:


Karen’s story:

Our partner at Paws For Compassion traveled to Hue, Vietnam to provide a mobile clinic to the locals’ pets. Along with our support, they were able to sterilize 93 dogs and cats in just 2 days, helping to further reduce the overpopulation of unwanted puppies and kittens who would suffer as strays and possibly end up in the Dog and Cat Meat Trade.

We continue to also sponsor the spay and neuter of 30 animals every month. Your donations make it all possible.

Pet Parents in Vietnam

Our friends at Ciudadanos Pro Albergue de Animales de Aguadilla (CPAAA) in Puerto Rico alerted us to a hoarding case and asked for our help with the 31 cats kept in cages 24/7. The 88-year-old owner, Doña Elidia, wouldn’t relinquish the animals, but was willing to let us help her. There were also 2 dogs living separately in wooden enclosures with no access to the yard or to each other.

The plan was to build a large cat enclosure (catio) to allow the cats to roam freely and safely. All 31 cats and both dogs were going to be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The fence was going to be repaired and the dogs’ enclosures were going to be combined and improved so they could be together and enjoy the yard.

Unfortunately the neighbors had already complained and the city stepped in, putting a stop to the work until we could get it sorted. All the materials were purchased but the work has been halted due to the neighbors. Doña Elidia’s social worker had to contact a lawyer for assistance and WUFAW wrote a letter to the judge, pleading for time to help the cats. The case went to court and thankfully we won.


The cats were all sterilized and the catio was finished soon after. Then they were introduced to their new home with the freedom to roam and socialize. At first, they were hesitant to come out of their carriers but once they did it was beautiful to see them interact. ⠀

A new living area was also built for the dogs and they were properly introduced to each other. Both dogs have been sterilized and vaccinated. One had bladder stones removed.

Puerto Rico catio

Dona Elidia

The court is still deciding whether Doña Elidia will be allowed to keep all the cats, but for now they are living a much better life.

Thanks to our supporters for the donations.


Puerto Rico Update on the Catio


Update on the dogs

WUFAW sent over 7 spay kits to our partner @ppawscambodia. This will enable them to do more sterilizations during our sponsored wellness retreats.

Cambodia spay kits

Vets and volunteers donate their time to travel to remote rural areas where veterinary clinics are nonexistent or hours away. During these wellness retreats local dogs and cats are vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized, other medical issues are treated as well. Unfortunately, due to Covid these missions have been put on hold. But PPAWS will resume once Cambodia’s lockdown is over.

WUFAW's first Youth Activism Program award goes to...


We are beyond thrilled to award $500 to 11-year-old Naomi Kwast of Long Beach, CA for our Youth Activism Program award. She exemplifies everything we hope to see in young people's compassion towards animals.

View Naomi's YAP submission video

During the Pandemic, local shelters were closed to the public (they still are) and they advised the community to leave stray cats and dogs on the streets. Naomi knew there was a big problem already with stray cats in her city, so she was determined to find a way to help. She attended a city council meeting where she pleaded with the council members to improve things for the animals. But unfortunately, the shelter remained closed.

Naomi Kwast holding cat at shelter

Naomi's Volunteer Work

Naomi decided to volunteer with Long Beach Spay and Neuter foundation to rescue homeless, sick and injured cats. She assisted with their Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) efforts.  Spending many weekends working at their mobile vet clinics, she learned how to prep animals for surgery, gluing surgical incisions closed and even giving vaccines.

Naomi fostered several cats and their litters, becoming proficient in bottle feeding, syringe feeding, nail trimming, deworming and so much more. She was hands-on with bathing, medicating, rehabilitating, and socializing the more feral ones.

When an animal found a home, Naomi would put a care package together with toys and treats, along with a letter to the adopter explaining what the cat/kitten liked. And to top it off she would sew them a blanket to enjoy the familiar smells they were used to.

Naomi Kwast

Naomi Kwast bathing kitten

Her Dreams and Goals

Naomi aspires to one day pass legislation to protect animals, especially those being sold by backyard breeders on social media. Her dream is to become a veterinarian and someday open a no-kill facility with a low-cost vet clinic that focuses on mass sterilizations. During the COVID19 pandemic, Naomi helped over 1200 animals and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Surprise Award Presentation

Since the first ever YAP recipient lived in our local region, our WUFAW team decided to surprise her while she was volunteering at a Cat Adoption Event.

We presented her with a gift basket full of goodies for cats along a dog themed clutch for herself. When she opened it and found the check for $500 the look on her face was priceless. She was in shock and hugged her mom with excitement.

We thanked her for all the work she was doing and told her what an inspiration she is to all of us.

Watch Naomi's surprise prize presentation

Helping Cats in Eagle Pass, TX

Naomi let us know that she will be using the money to help the cats in Eagle Pass, TX. Sadly, the shelter there doesn’t have cages to house the strays, so the cats end up being killed by gas chamber.  Naomi and her mom, Joanne, plan on going there soon.

Keep up the good work Naomi. We can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

YAP winner Naomi Kwast at home

YAP winner Naomi Kwast with WUFAW

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