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Cambodian Dog and Cat Wellness Mission

Earlier this month, we sponsored a 5 day wellness mission to Ratanakiri by our partner group PPAWS in Phnom Penh. 3 vets and 2 volunteers traveled to the North Eastern region to treat the dogs and cats in the impoverished community.

They were able to sterilize 28 dogs and cats; vaccinate, deworm and give flea medication to 256 others. Along with several other surgeries, including one for a gunshot wound. The team was also invited to give a presentation to the Department of Agriculture about the dog and cat meat trade.

These trips cost roughly $1100, so a little goes a long way. Making a huge difference in the lives of animals and the residents who love them.

The city of Siem Reap BANNED eating dogs just last month, which was a big win in the fight against the trade. Times are slowly changing and we look forward to the day that it’s the law for the entire country.

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Vietnam Vet Clinic

WUFAW managed to raise over $11,000 to help our partner group, Paws for Compassion(PFC), establish the first ever international veterinary clinic in Da Nang, Vietnam.

International veterinary standards are practically non-existent in Vietnam, so with the addition of Siberian Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Nevena Stefanovicto heading up the new clinic, PFC was able to open their doors in June. They provide the highest quality pet care, along with offering training to local veterinary students and graduates through internship programs.

We will continue to sponsor our monthly free spay/neuter events as well which is such an important program in the fight against the over population of dogs and cats in the country.

Vietnam Vet Clinic

Vietnam Vet Clinic

Vietnam Vet Clinic

Vietnam Vet Clinic


Pagoda Mission in Cambodia

Another successful Wellness Retreat is in the books! May 29 – June 1, 2020 we sponsored a 4 day Spay/ Neuter Mission in Cambodia with our partner group Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society (PPAWS) 

Day 1 and 2 they visted Wat Teuk Thla Pagoda with a small veterinary team and performed 27 sterilizations of both cats and dogs. The monks showed real interest in the welfare of the animals and watched the team work, even helping to assist the Vets.

Day 3 and 4 they visited two more Pagodas, Wat Traeuy Kaoh and Wat Or Doung Preng.
The team vaccinated, defleaed and dewormed as many animals as possible, again with the monks assisting.

The reason why these trips are so important is because of the education that is happening in the community. They learn how to properly treat and care for dogs and cats. Also with the spaying/neutering we can dramatically cut down on strays who are then caught and used for the Dog and Cat Meat Trade.

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Before pics of Monkey'Monkey' before treatment for tick fever.

With our partners, Paws for Compassion, we have been visiting pagodas in and around Da Nang, bringing food and medicines for the dogs suffering from Tick Fever and other diseases and parasites. The Buddhist Monks care for the stray animals at the Pagodas but are limited in their experience and resources.

During their last visit, PFC, rescued a dog in bad shape, afflicted with Tick Fever and near death. They named him Monkey and brought him back to their shelter for their vet to treat. He is now doing much better but is still terribly frightened and won’t let anyone touch him. With time and patience we are sure Monkey will become the happy dog he was born to be. And when the flight bans have been lifted we hope to bring him to the US to find his forever home.

Monkey after treatment for tick fever.'Monkey' after treatment for tick fever.

Gallery of 'Monkey' Before and After Treatment

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Multiple earthquakes in Puerto Rico wreaked havoc on the locals and their pets in January, leaving thousands of people homeless and rescue groups struggling to house their animals. 

Because of our close partnership with ARYA Pets in San Juan and our history of saving animals together, we knew we had to help the dogs and cats affected by the devastation.

Our supporters generously donated so that we could provide much needed supplies to the areas hit the hardest, Guayanilla to Yauco in the Southwestern part of the island.  ARYA Pets then delivered food, crates, and medical supplies to over 20 rescue groups/individuals over three different trips.

Puerto Rico is still feeling aftershocks with several more 4.0 quakes, continuing to traumatize the residents; many fleeing the island to find solace in the United States. Unfortunately, this now poses a new problem for rescue groups - people aren’t taking their pets with them, abandoning them in their yards or on the streets.

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Puerto Rico Earthquake

Puerto Rico Earthquake

20200210 3 Puerto Rico Earthquake


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