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Miracle Mama Dog was a stray dog rescued on the island of Guam

Mama Dog is a sad result of the stray dog problem in Guam, a US territory, where the apathy towards animals is palpable. One day she was seen walking and the next she was paralyzed, yet still trying to care for her two puppies.

A concerned military wife living on base quickly came to her rescue.  Sadly, Mama Dog suffered from multiple spinal injuries, most likely from being beaten, and she had been shot several times with a pellet gun, a common occurrence on the island.

The local vets all recommended euthanasia but we have different plans for her. Mama Dog will be coming to the US to be seen by VCA orthopedic surgeon Dr. Natalia Soto (one of our co-founders).

Read the full story here.

We are currently looking for a committed foster or adopter willing to help with physical therapy and mending this poor girl’s body. If interested please email