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GoldieGoldieGoldie, a 10-year old Cocker Spaniel suffering with cancerous tumors all over her body and Sherlock, a 19-year old Shih Tzu suffering from major dental disease affecting all his teeth were dumped to die at the shelter.

These two sweet loving and loyal seniors never expected to be ripped from their home only to be dumped at the shelter to live out their "limited" days in a cement box after giving unconditional love to their owners all their lives.   "Owner Surrendered" senior dogs with medical issues are always high on the list to be euthanized in over-crowded shelters.  We needed to act fast to find a foster if we were going to save them and keep them together. MariAna, one of our dedicated supporters, stepped up and offered to take them home even though she already has 4 dogs of her own.   Then with the help of Dr. Tina Chang and our Co-Founders, Dr. Natalia Soto and Lindsay Lewis we put a plan together for Goldie's medical needs. Her surgery was scheduled at the VCA in Woodlands Hills where Soto and Lindsay removed her tail, 7 mammary tumors and her cherry eye, along with spaying her. If you are interested in adopting or fostering the pair please email us here.  Watch the video below to see our team in action.


 Photos of Sherlock