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While COVID continued to wreak havoc on the world, we did our best to proceed with our programs in Turkey and SE Asia. Unfortunately, our foreign partners suffered through multiple lockdowns which made things extremely difficult for them to help the animals in their local communities. Thankfully, despite the ups and downs we still managed to achieve quite  a lot.

  • For our Vietnam Spay and Neuter Program we sponsored 93 sterilizations and donated $1000 worth of food for dogs and cats in need.
  • Our Cambodia Wellness Retreats were put on hold, but we were able to provide 90 spay and neuter surgeries for the residents of Kamput.
  • With our TNR in Turkey Program, we funded the sterilization of 98 dogs in Ilişi, Arpalıkbaşı, and Germeç towns.
  • Our Teamwork in Thailand Program continued to finance 20 spays and neuters each month, totaling 240 dogs and cats desexed!

End of Year Recap