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Kampong Chhnang Mission

We sponsored another successful wellness mission with our partners at PPAWS in Cambodia.  From September 21st-25th the team traveled to Kampong Chhnang to treat and educate the local residents. As with most missions now, the head vet Dr. Kea hosted a training presentation for the veterinary officers with the hope that access to veterinary care is improved with more knowledge and skills. 

The team worked in villages and pagodas to sterilize 27 animals, treated 15 dogs for Tick Fever, de-wormed 426 animals and vaccinated 350 for Rabies. 2 dogs needed tumor removal and 3 dogs were treated for Mange.

The dollar goes a long way in SE Asia. These missions cost as little as $1000 for the entire 5 days including travel expenses!

Bit by bit we are making a difference in so many animals lives.