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Back in May 2019 we announced our partnership with Paws For Compassion (PFC) in sponsoring monthly spay/neuter events in Da Nang, Vietnam. PFC is a local rescue group with a focus on improving the welfare of companion animals through education and rehabilitation.

Paws for Compassion

Sterilizing dogs and cats is the best way to cut down on the over-population of strays, therefore also cutting down on animals being traded for the dog and cat meat trade (DCMT). Just 1 female dog and her puppies can result in 67,000 dogs in six years.

Our fight against this barbaric practice has no value unless we work together with the groups actually on the ground throughout Asia. While Paws For Compassion does not focus solely on the DCMT, they indirectly help by offering these events along with education programs.

Please consider making a donation so we can continue our monthly spay/neuter events.