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Puerto Rico Strong

Our trip to Puerto Rico was a success.  WUFAW joined the Spayathon put on by Vets for PR and The Humane Society in November. Over 8000 animals were spayed and neutered in the 8 days of the event.

Cofounder Dr. Natalia Soto performed nearly 300 surgeries herself while the rest of the team volunteered in the recovery area. It was a whirlwind week full of excitement and exhaustion.

Throughout our time there we also delivered donations to 6 local rescue organizations devastated by Hurricane Maria; including antibiotics, flea/tick medicines, Heartworm preventatives, ear/eye medications, leashes, food and so much more.  We met amazing and resilient people committed to making a difference on the island.

During our stay, we discovered 6 Pitbull puppies living outside in termite infested wood and debris. They were covered in fleas, filled with worms, emaciated and lethargic. Thankfully, we convinced the owner to surrender them to us so we could properly care for them and find them homes.  We even negotiated for the mom to be spayed!

The stray dog and cat problem in Puerto Rico is overwhelming; our contribution was a mere drop in the bucket. But it filled our hearts with love to know that we could offer some support to the community.



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