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Who remembers the stray dog we rescued in Puerto Rico? Look at him now. Renamed Miguel and being cared for by Barks of Hope. 

Thank you to Nicki Lindy for making us stop to pick this guy up off the streets where he had clearly been living for years. 

April 5th Update:

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Remember Jaime? The severely neglected dog we saved from the streets in PR?  We brought him to the vet and a very generous volunteer Nicole Lindy paid $600 to have him hospitalized. Because of your donations we were able to pay her back $475.  Thankfully a local rescue group, Barks of Hope, offered to help and sprung him out of the hospital after 4 days. They have taken over his care until he's ready to be adopted and renamed him Miguel.

So if you're interested in giving this boy a loving home please email us at or contact them directly at

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