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Before pics of Monkey'Monkey' before treatment for tick fever.

With our partners, Paws for Compassion, we have been visiting pagodas in and around Da Nang, bringing food and medicines for the dogs suffering from Tick Fever and other diseases and parasites. The Buddhist Monks care for the stray animals at the Pagodas but are limited in their experience and resources.

During their last visit, PFC, rescued a dog in bad shape, afflicted with Tick Fever and near death. They named him Monkey and brought him back to their shelter for their vet to treat. He is now doing much better but is still terribly frightened and won’t let anyone touch him. With time and patience we are sure Monkey will become the happy dog he was born to be. And when the flight bans have been lifted we hope to bring him to the US to find his forever home.

Monkey after treatment for tick fever.'Monkey' after treatment for tick fever.

Gallery of 'Monkey' Before and After Treatment