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Stellas Story

Stella was found at just 2 ½ months old living in a pagoda in Southern Cambodia, by a local rescue group SAW. The pagoda is big and unfortunately a well-known dumping site for unwanted animals and consistently ambushed by the animal meat traders. The women from SAW immediately took Stella to the local vet because they noticed that she was unable to walk and her legs were mangled. There are NO orthopedic vets in the whole of Cambodia, so Stella’s prognosis was not good. The suggested treatment was euthanasia.  

Instead, SAW decided to build her a makeshift wheelchair to see if they could help Stella walk again. But without surgery and physical therapy, she preferred to drag herself around and acclimated quite well to her new normal.

However, a few months later as Stella started to grow and needed more space they reached out to Pet Services of Cambodia and then to WUFAW to ask for help. After 5 months of trying to get Stella to the US she finally arrived in Los Angeles on August 22nd. Flown in personally by her rescuer, Nuria Lopez Conesa, to start her second chance at the life she deserves.



 Photos of Stella

Stellas Story

StellaStellas Story