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TNR Kickoff

We are excited to announce that our Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) program is off to a great start with Dumpster Doggies (DD) in Turkey.  

In the past DD was mostly focusing on spaying female dogs which tends to be less effective at slowing down the over-population of strays. So when we decided to partner with them we asked to change the focus to doing TNR. Neutering males is a much less invasive surgery and has significantly shorter recovery times. Allowing for DD to sterilize more dogs at a time.

We set a goal of doing 40 dogs a month at a cost of $25 per dog – DD was able to negotiate a lower price with the vet. (They were currently paying $35.)

Because there are dogs with acute Leishmania stage at the DD sanctuary and they didn’t want to keep healthy dogs there after surgery, they found a barn nearby, cleaned and painted it, and put straw on the floor, to be used as a 48-hour postop recovery unit.

Our program officially kicked off on August 11th 2020 and over four weeks, DD was able to catch 45 dogs (37 males/ 8 females), sterilize them, and return them back to the village they were found in.

With the first mission being a success, we gave the go ahead to continue and hope to increase the number of dogs as we get more funding.

If you would like to donate towards our TNR program, please do so here.



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