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Daisy and Spencer

Daisy and Spencer were abandoned on Christmas Eve by their owner when she was taken to the hospital for complications from dementia. The bonded pair had been on their own for 2 weeks when the landlord finally posted on the Nextdoor app looking for help. A friend and fellow animal lover, Simone Reyes, reached out to WUFAW and alerted us to the circumstances.

When we arrived at the apartment the situation was dire, the smell of feces and urine were overwhelming. The amounts of trash and clutter were hard to navigate. Two small pups, Daisy and Spencer, were lucky to be alive. When they saw us, they were excited and ready to get out of there. They drank water and ate until their little bellies were full. Then we rushed them to the vet to be checked out.

Daisy had a very painful claw removed that had spiraled growing back into her paw pad & out of her skin. She also had an aggressive ear infection filled with blood & puss. It was so bad that it was swollen shut. She ended up needing surgery to remove the impacted debris that was lodged deep in her ear drum.

Spencer had an abscess on his paw that needed to be lacerated and drained. Most likely caused by walking among the excrement and mess.  He also had some behavioral issues that he needed to overcome before we could find him a new home. He was biting us and being aggressive towards other dogs out of fear. But thankfully after he had time to decompress and learned boundaries, he became the lovable boy that he is now.

Their story was heartbreaking across the board, with their owner suffering from dementia & sick in the hospital, to them being neglected & living in deplorable conditions. But we are happy to announce that Daisy and Spencer were adopted together and are doing wonderfully with their new mom.

Daisy and Spencer