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We have teamed up with an amazing group Phnom Penh Animal Welfare (PPAWS) in Cambodia to help curb the stray dog and cat problem that is rampant in the country.

Sadly, most strays are either caught and traded into the meat trade, hit by cars or physically beaten in the streets. PPAWS was the first animal welfare group in Cambodia, formed in 2011. They’re not only a rescue, taking in dogs needing rehabilitation and then adopt out, but they’re also a vet hospital open to the public. Part of their mission is to educate the locals on proper animal care, including programs taught at schools and in surrounding Pagodas. They also travel to poverty stricken areas outside of the city to sterilize and vaccinate residents’ pets and strays.

Once we heard about the wonderful work this organization was doing we knew we wanted to support them, especially in diminishing the stray dog and cat population as a way to fight the meat trade.

Cambodia Wellness Retreats

In 2020 we sponsored 7 weeklong wellness retreats, where a team of vets and volunteers from PPAWS traveled to multiple rural towns outside of Phnom Penh and along the western coast, including the island of Koh Sdach.

Where they spay and neuter dogs and cats, vaccinate for rabies, deworm and treat for various other illnesses, like Tick Fever, mange, and any additional surgeries needed. The dollar goes a long way in Cambodia. These retreats cost as little as $1100.

For 2021, we have alreaady committed to sponsoring 8 more trips.  

Watch the video to see team in action

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