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Gupo Modernization Plan

One of our passion projects is the modernization of the 400+ year old traditional Gupo Meat Market in Busan, Korea. There are roughly 17 dog slaughterhouses, including several other types of animal slaughterhouses. The head of the Gupo Association has agreed to allow the remodeling and rebuilding of the slaughterhouses into other businesses. While working for another foundation, Kiana and Valarie enlisted the help of renowned architect, Eui-Song Yi of Morphosis architectural firm, signing a contract for Phase I, which was to draft a 3-D rendering of the potential new cruelty free businesses that could occupy the market instead. Phase I was completed in Dec. 2017.  

Kiana and Valarie then formed WUFAW in early 2018 and were determined not to let their efforts go to waste. So with WUFAW they have shifted their focus to Phase II, gathering donors and corporations to invest in the revamping of the market.

Stay tuned for some exciting news happening this year in 2019.


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