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Teamwork in Thailand

In October 2020 we partnered with a fantastic group, HeadRock Dogs Rescue (HDR), in an extremely impoverished area of Thailand. Far from the tourist areas.  Husband and wife team Verity and Thep have been working tirelessly to raise the standards of animal welfare in Bang Saphan, Thailand by rescuing, sterilizing, and treating sick and injured dogs and puppies, along with feeding strays at local Temples.

HDR covers a huge area, almost 900kms between Bang Saphan and the Myanmar border, with an estimated 100,000 stray animals throughout the region. Animal welfare is scant and little government support is provided for neutering and vaccinations; which makes their work even more critical.

In 2020, we sponsored the sterilization of 30 dogs and 15 cats. In 2021, we have started spaying and neutering 20 dogs/cats every month. At a cost of $19 per animal. Please consider donating to help cut down on the over-population of strays suffering from being unwanted and mistreated.

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