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WUFAW is providing funding to the Dumpster Doggies (DD) organization in the Kastamonu Province of Turkey for the Trapping, Neutering, and Returning (TNR) of stray male dogs.

Dumpster Doggies (DD) was founded and is run by a single woman, Sebahat, who for eight years has been feeding and medicating the 500+ stray dogs that are literally dumped at landfills.

Dumpster DoggiesIn 2019, Dumpster Doggies was able to build a shelter to save dogs suffering from a painful disease, Canine Leishmaniosis, and to focus more on spaying and neutering.

DD reached out to WUFAW in April 2020 and asked for assistance. We decided the most effective way to help would be to sponsor the Trapping, Neutering, and Returning (TNR) of male dogs. Neutering is a much easier and less invasive surgery than spaying, allowing for more dogs to be done in a short amount of time.

As of April 2021, we will be neutering 50 males a month until December. 

The cost is $25 per dog x 50 = $1250 a month.  Total: $11,250

Please consider giving today so we can save more puppies from a life of suffering.

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