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WUFAW is proud to be working with the Vietnamese animal welfare group Paws For Compassion, we provide funding and support for ongoing efforts to spay and neuter dogs.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the founders of animal welfare group Paws For Compassion, Lexie Gray, back in 2017 during one of her trips to the States. We immediately formed a bond over the work we were both doing to fight the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia.

Since then, Lexie and her partner have gone on to build a bigger team with a farther reach in Da Nang, Vietnam. They secured a facility where they house dogs and cats up for adoption, increased their local volunteer roster and even have veterinarians from around the world flying in to donate their time.

Mobile Veterinary Clinic

In the summer of 2019, when WUFAW was finally in a position to help, we started sponsoring spay and neuter weekends for dogs. Four Paws International sponsors the cats. In December 2019, we also funded the first mobile vet clinic to Tam Ky, a small rural town that was in desperate need of food and medical treatment of strays.

To date we have covered the costs for the sterilization and vaccination of over 100 dogs.

In April of 2020 we also raised over $11,000 to help Paws for Compassion open the first International Vet Clinic in Da Nang.  

We will continue to support their growth as they make huge leaps for animal welfare.

Sterilization Program

Hosted by WUFAW to provide high-volume, high-quality Spay/Neuter services in Central Vietnam in collaboration with a local veterinarian. • Local veterinarians to provide spay/neuter services either at PAWS rescue center or at a vet hospital averaging 15 dogs per day.

  • Monthly spay/neuter clinics to offer sterilization services for pet owners and stray dogs.

Reasons Why Spaying/Neutering is Necessary: • One female dog and her puppies can result in 67,000 dogs in six years. • Cuts down supply for the Dog Meat Trade.

  • Spaying eliminates the stress and discomfort that females endure during heat periods, eliminates the risk of uterine cancer, and greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer. • Neutering makes males far less likely to roam or fight, prevents testicular cancer, and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


  • 1 day = 15 dogs $389.77
  • 2 days a month for 6 months = 180 dogs $4677.24

Costs include: • Surgery and recovery • Activity manager • Vietnamese assistant • Facility and transport costs • Clean-up

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