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Youth Activism Program

Youth Activism Program
Spring 2021 Award Application

Use this form to submit your application for WUFAW's YAP Spring 2021 Award.  The winner will receive $500 to apply toward the recipient's efforts in making a difference to animals.

All applicants must follow the rules and guidelines for the award program as listed on the main YAP page.  If you have not yet read those, please do so before submitting.

Rules and Guidelines


Youth's Information

Applicant's first name
Applicant's last name
Applicant's email address. This field is optional. It is recommended that younger applicants be contacted through their parent or guardian.
Give a brief description of your project in a few sentences. This will NOT factor into the judging decisions.
Put the link to your video file here. WUFAW will use this link for judging purposes.

Parent/Legal Guardian Information

For legal reasons, WUFAW will need to confirm parent/legal guardian permission for all finalists. This will be done using email or postal mail. Initial contact will be done via phone.

This information will be kept confidential and will not be made public.
Parent/Guardian full name
Postal mailing address
Provide a contact phone number
Please provide a personal email address, not work or shared.

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