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Our Partners

WUFAW is all about direct action to save animals.  In addition to WUFAW staff and volunteers spending countless hours tirelessly working to save animals throughout the world, we work closely with partner organizations who share our vision and goals.

* If you are interested in becoming a WUFAW partner, please submit this questionnaire (serious inquiries only)


Here are our major partners

PPAWS - Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society

PPAWS - Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society

PPAWS is already doing extraordinary things on a small budget and we want to help further their plight. The Dog Meat Trade is a thriving industry in Cambodia, with no regulations in place leaving the dogs (and cats) vulnerable to extreme cruelty. The trade is mostly supplied with stray and abandoned dogs and since the country is small, we know Spay/Neuter is a key element to decreasing the number of animals killed for food.

Currently, PPAWS has a small education program, teaching children at the local pagodas and schools about how to properly care for their pets. Which is a great start, but this is another area that can be improved upon, taking the education program a step further to include compassion towards all animals and not just their pets.

Our goal for 2019 is to help fund the building of a sanctuary/adoption center in Phnom Pehn, where it is so desperately needed to house the many displaced and injured animals. With the leadership of Alan Sinfield, the Director of PPAWS, we feel inspired that this dream will become a reality.

Paws for Compassion

Paws for Compassion

A grassroots organization founded by a young American woman, Lexi Grey. Lexi and her modest team are doing incredible things to help the stray dogs/cats in Da Nang, Vietnam. They are currently doing animal education youth workshops and rescuing dogs and cats when they have space and enough money to cover the medical expenses.

But there is a massive lack of veterinary care options; so our goal for 2019 is to sponsor several free spay/neuter clinics to help the stray dog population and to help educate the community on the importance of properly caring for the animals . 

WUFAW is partnering with PAWS to host several FREE Spay/Neuter days in order to fight the Dog Meat Trade. 

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Feeling helpless with the amount of abandoned and stray animals on the island of Puerto Rico, Jennice Duran decided to take matters into her own hands and formed ARYA Pets in 2014. She specializes in difficult cases that other rescues won’t take and spends her own money when necessary to pay for their medical care. 

Recently, PR is experiencing an over-population of stray pot-bellied pigs that are living on the streets of the Cano in San Juan.

We have started our Stray Pig Project and have built over 6 pig dens and separating over 100 pigs by sex. Our work is not done there and will continue until we can get the pig problem under control.

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