Animal Care Team (ACT)

ACT was born from a lack of veterinary care in underserved countries and low-income communities, especially after devastating natural disasters or catastrophes. One of our founders, Dr. Natalia Soto, heads up a team of veterinarians and volunteers who “act” when there is a call to action for needy animals. ACT is a group of experienced and passionate animal lovers willing to do whatever it takes to make a difference, utilizing their skills and wealth of knowledge for the greater good.

ACT Missions

October 2022
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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October 2022
Da Nang, Vietnam
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May 2019
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Want to join ACT?

If you are a veterinarian, vet tech, or animal lover interested in joining our Animal Care Team. Please fill out the application below.

(*WUFAW does not cover the cost of flights but pays for accommodations while working in foreign countries.)