Dumpster Doggies

Dumpster Doggies (DD) operates in the Kastamonu province in Turkey, where hundreds of animals are abandoned in local landfills yearly. DD opened its first physical shelter in 2019 to house and treat animals impacted by Canine Leishmaniasis. Due to the high number of stray dogs in the local community, DD regularly performs TNR services where they are trapped, neutered, and then returned to their communities. It is not feasible to rescue and rehome all the animals; instead, DD can significantly impact the population through this strategy. WUFAW and DD formed a partnership in the winter of 2020, so we could support their goal to end the overpopulation of strays being dumped.  

WUFAW also provides help in other ways when we are needed. We collected and shipped over 200 dog sweaters and purchased blankets and other supplies to help keep the pups warm during the harsh winters.

By the end of 2022, we had funded the following:

585 spays/neuters and built over 20 dog and cat houses for the strays.