May 2023

6 members of ACT packed up 24 bags with medications and supplies for the animals and humans of Cuba. The country is in great need for just the most basic of resources. Once we arrived we got right to work treating pets and strays, giving meds for fleas and parasites.  

On our second day, Dr. Soto, along with two local vet students and their teacher, we spayed and neutered 5 animals, including removing a couple of mammary tumors from a sweet Dachshund.

Our team also gave out medicines to the adults and coloring books, pencils, and soccer balls to the kids.

On our third and last day we collaborated with a local group, CEDA, to put on a free clinic where we treated roughly 300 dogs for fleas and pararsites, and various other issues. The government was also there giving out free rabies vaccines to 150 dogs and cats.

The trip was made possible by a matching donation from Ninety Miles Foundation. With help from Operation Blankets of Love, MixLab, TrueCare for Pets, VSV and Just Food for Dogs.



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